'Richie' Movie Review

- Gowtham Ariyaputhiran


'Richie' Movie Review

In the genre that we are not into often, 'Richie' as a first direct Tamil film for Nivin Pauly has released with so much of expectations. How's it worked out?

With the unique story and non-linear screenplay that would sound so exciting to hear and read, it's to be said that 'Richie' is not up to what it has to be. The poetic framing, rightly sketched cuts and graphics, intense RR couldn't save the narration just because of its delivery and alienating elements.

Nivin Pauly, who missed the lip sync and the slang that keeps him out of the script reality, managed to give his emotions which we'd fail to notice. Rest of the cast is settled with excellent performance.

We'd love to listen to these sort of neo-noir films that make something big and better about the genre, but still 'Richie' needs a lot of patience and sacrifice to be with it. The director who had concern in naming one of the characters after him, might also have to work on the engaging factor which at last what they hyped with the trailers and the talks.

To sum up on should you either give it a shot or not, it's apparently complicated here. It's not the sort of that would bore you out with poor character sketches and scenes. It's the film with lot of really nice intricacies and connects, but filmed in the way that you'd get disappointed if engagement is your only concern.

Rating: 2.25/5

Verdict: The more you concentrate on the details, the more you're about to get your audience distracted. "It's not a note only to the filmmaker".



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