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- Gowtham Ariyaputhiran

'Aval' Movie Review

Have you been tired of Tamil horror movies but enjoy the genre that some parallel industries deal quintessentially? 'Aval' is all yours. Read on further to know why.

There's a template for everything out here, and there's a format(not formula) that everything needs to befit. 'Aval' as a horror film, befits the format of horror filmmaking in every aspect such as sounding that transforms the mood, cinematography that pulls audience into the terrain, and re-recording that intensifies the play.

Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah, the pivotal actors promise the public with their role that every script they're into, will be plenary. Hence, 'Aval', another film that keeps up the promise.

Location that's been set up for the story, colour they graded for the frame, and the composition of every shot, will make you sit tight in your seat providing the much needed engagement factor. Screenplay is the key to the action of conflicts and resolutions, and here 'Aval' has extraordinary one.

In the part of placement of acts, the film guarantees you a new idea of horror filmmaking in Tamil. With a strong technical support, 'Aval' has come out as a wholesome experience to the Tamil audience that gives goosebumps in right time.

Even though the revenge and sentimental backups were known and predictable, it still gives the chill in the spine. Back when tigers used to smoke, Tamil horror flicks used to scare us to death. 'Aval' now has neglected the fear of forsaken.

On the whole, with a little adult content on its side, go watch 'Aval' with your adult peers for a wholesome experience.

Rating: 3/5

Verdict : Watch out for some extraordinary moments created by excellent filmmaking and impeccable screenplay.




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